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Exa India is one of the few places where you are most likely to find it. We nurture talent and encourage innovation. This empowers Exa-ites to realise their full potential and learn simultaneously. It is our vision to create a company that achieves a high success rate despite an unorthodox, fresh approach to management. We are committed to providing optimised Web-solutions to our clients, as and when they need them. Our prolific growth has ensured the influx of new members at a steady rate.

A World of Oppurtunity

At Exa, the possibilities are endless. Learn sharp Web technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Ruby, Java, ASP.NET as well as business practices and leadership skills. You will acquire crucial skill-sets and an enhanced perspective, resulting in an overall career advancement.

Our Profile

Currently in our ninth year, we have cultivated a powerful and unique culture. We love what we do and are passionate about all things Web. Our clients define our status. We service SMBs to large global organisations among various industry verticals. Our brilliant teams have created hundreds of unique Websites with great care and expertise. Besides Web Design & Development, we offer Content Management Systems, Corporate Intranet Design & Development, Extranets, eCommerce, Mass E-mailing and hundreds of other customised solutions.
At Exa we deliver Web Solutions that work.

The Atmosphere @ Exa

We believe that employee satisfaction is as important as productivity, both being complimentary to each other. For this reason, we provide our employees with optimum work conditions and facilities. We also enjoy as a team on picnics and assorted celebrations. Fun and work in a healthy mix, is what you get at Exa.

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